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Player Profiles

Isaac Opoku

Marital Status:
In a Relationship
07/09/08 v Kings United
Managers Bio:
Isaac played last year for us and did well but was not on his game all the time. This year though, he has totally changed and seems to be trying more and will look to be a major player for us... it's hard to think he still only 18, when he plays well he can be brilliant and can totally change a game. Looks like Muntari who plays for Inter Milan!
Captains Bio:
Isaac is a tricky winger with bags of pace and the ability to turn a game on his head. He can be a little inconsistent at times however there is no doubting the talent he has on the ball. When in the mood he can turn full backs inside out and chips in with his fair share of goals and assists.
Boots Worn:
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Footballing Hero:
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Desert Island Beauty:
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Favourite Food:
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Favourite Drink:
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Favourite Pub/Club:
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Dream Holiday Destination:
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Favourite F.C. Berksalona/West End Memory:
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Interesting Fact:
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Isaac Opoku Isaac Opoku Isaac Opoku Isaac Opoku

Season 2011/12:

Apps (as sub) Goals (Assists)
16 (3) 1 (3)
Yellow/Red Cards
Man of the Match Awards
Average Match Rating

Season 2010/11:

Apps Goals
19 2

Club Total:

Apps Goals
73 (3) 9